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Yoga Bag Must-Haves

Yoga Bag Must-Haves

There are certain things you need in your yoga bag no matter what your workout will be (the same goes for a water bottle) but some items are more yoga specific. You need to pack differently for a yoga class than spin class or a group cardio class so it’s important to know what to carry in your yoga bag. Like your yoga practice, your yoga bag should be minimalistic and simple, filled with just the essentials for a mindful practice. If you’re new to practicing yoga in a studio setting, here’s what you should pack for your first class!

Yoga Bag Packing List:

  • Yoga Bag – An obvious but important item on this list is the actual bag you will be packing your stuff in. If you bring your own yoga mat to class then you need a bag that has a special place for storing your mat or you will have to use an additional yoga strap to carry your mat on your shoulder. Make sure you choose a bag you love that represents your style and personality on the yoga mat.
  • Water Bottle – We already mentioned this important item above but it’s worth mentioning again. Water is essential to healthy yogis so always bring a refillable water bottle for an environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated through a sweaty yoga class.
  • Yoga Mat – A yoga mat is an essential part of any yoga practice so take time to find one you love and feel comfortable on. Find a mat with decent thickness, one that won’t slide around on the floor during your movements, and one that is easy to keep clean.
  • Comfy Headband – Nobody wants the distraction of hair falling in their face in the middle of down dog. Make sure you always bring a comfy headband to yoga class to keep fly-aways out of your face.
  • Large Pouch – An easy way to keep your yoga bag organized is to carry a large pouch for storage. Similar to a makeup bag, a large zippered pouch can easily store small items like hair ties and deodorant that often get lost.
  • Essential Oil Towelettes – Essential oil towelettes are a great accessory for wiping down your yoga mat after class. They will keep your mat clean and smelling fresh after every use.
  • Hand Towel – A hand towel is a great thing to have in yoga class for wiping off sweat and drying down your yoga mat. Always keep an extra stored in your yoga bag in case you need it.
  • Protein Bar or Fruit – Yoga is a workout which means it will work up an appetite! Store a protein bar or piece of fruit in your bag in case of emergency so you are not tempted to binge on something unhealthy after a relaxing hour of yoga.
  • Dry Shampoo – If you’ll be going from the yoga studio to work or out with friends, dry shampoo is your best friend for making your hair look clean and fresh after a workout. Keep a small canister of it in your yoga bag for any time you might need it.
  • Slip-on Shoes – Last but not least, keep a reliable pair of slip-on shoes in your yoga bag for wearing after class. There are some great yoga sandals out there for travel to and from the studio.

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