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Working Out While Traveling

Working Out While Traveling

I’ve always been an athlete and I like to maintain that lifestyle wherever I go, which might not always be as easy as it sounds. But as I grew older, I luckily learned to simplify things, too. You don’t really need a gym where you’re staying or carry dumbbells with you. You don’t really need dumbbells at home for your home workout either – just use books or filled up water bottles instead.

Also, practice makes perfect. Doing millions of different exercises throughout various fitness programs and countless repetitions of those, makes you realize which ones you like and from which ones you benefit most. So, if you’re wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle (like I do), I advise you to have a booklet where you note your favorites and the feelings they make you feel. It might not be love, but sometimes you can get close to it, I promise you. And when you grow to love yourself, that is the biggest love you can ever experience, because only then you’re able to pay it forward in abundance. – Another story. But you see how intricate living healthy is.

To maintain my athletic physique and give my muscles and joints some love, I like to take the following equipment that takes up nearly no space.

– Booty bands. 

With Booty bands, you simply wrap them around your ankles or above the knees and perform lower body exercises with the extra resistance.


 I love sliders because they work well for core work; mountain-climbers and other plank-based exercises alike. They are also great because they reduce impact on your joints.

– Jump rope. 

You would have to be either in a gym, outside or have really high ceilings to do Jump rope exercises, but it is a fun way to get your cardio in. And it feels almost like dancing. Speaking of dancing, if you feel comfortable that’s a great way to get your cardio in, and get to know the local culture while having fun.

Another good tip would be to choose exercises that don’t require equipment. Many times, even when I do have lots of equipment available, I like to choose the option of exercising with my bodyweight only. There are so many exercises that make you sweat in the right places using body-weight only. Or choosing a class that is based on the plank is a good idea, too. It might not be the easiest, but you’ll definitely see results later.

Or run the streets, parks and around the surrounding areas. It is a great way of scouting out the area as you’re quicker than if you’d walk.
For an even lower impact, you could rent a bike and see even more in a short amount of time.

When venturing out to unknown territory, always ask friends that live in the area which workout lessons they recommend for you, ask them even to do it with you. You can even ask followers on social media for advice, I’m sure there are nice people out there who will be happy to help you out. 

It will be helpful if you have a set of online videos or articles always ready and follow a combination of those. Also, remember to pack a pair of yoga leggings for the road. I like to write the items I want to take on a packing list and you can too. 

I know that finding reasons and excuses for not working out might be easier, but when you plan, you plan to succeed.  Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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