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7 Surprising Benefits of Yoga You May not Know

7 Surprising Benefits of Yoga You May not Know

Why do you think people practice yoga? Is it for its health benefits? Is it to be in the company of others in yoga classes? Does it have any spiritual value? Well, yoga offers many benefits. While some are obvious, there are those that are not so obvious. Here are five surprising benefits you may not have heard about.

Helps Balance Your Body Weight

A common concern for most people who seek to start yoga classes is that it may make them bulky. This fear may emanate from seeing the size of body builders. Yoga is not a body building or a weight loss class. However, it helps tone your body and balance your weight. Since exercise equipment is not used, your body weight acts as the resistance to work against.

It Helps Improve Honesty

One of the key tenements of yoga is in dealing with the truth. When faced with an option between being comfortable and being truthful, yoga teaches that one should choose honesty. This may cause discomfort in the short term, but when it is practiced for a while, it will become a way of life.

It Can Help Improve Memory

Research conducted in the past has shown that the mental benefits of yoga are much higher than those gained from normal exercises. When a 20-minute jog was compared with a session of yoga of the same length, research showed that yoga had more benefits. Yoga proved to improve both speed and memory due to the aerobic part of it that increases absorption of oxygen into the brain.

It Lowers Cholesterol in The Body

There are two forms of cholesterol that the human body can absorb from foods. These are LDL cholesterol and HDL or good cholesterol. The former is harmful to the body and should be avoided. What yoga does is that it lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol while boosting HDL cholesterol levels.

Helps Lower Body Pain

Due to the stress that our bodies experience every day, feeling pain in one part of the body or the other is a common occurrence. When one practices yoga, the fatigue in the muscles and other bodily imbalances dissipate. This in turn translates to painless living.

It Trains You to Accept and Love Yourself

In normal daily activities, we learn to tell the body what to do, when to do it, and how, regardless of the way we feel. In yoga, people are taught to pay more attention to the body and connect more with it. What this means is that in yoga, you do not have to practice like the professional or achieve perfect poses. It is the psychological state that you can achieve that matters more. Therefore, even when you cannot bend as much as the others in the class, you will learn to accept and love yourself with time.

Improves Immunity

There are numerous reasons why one can suffer from a weak immune system in the modern world. The most common causes for this include stress, poor digestion, and lack of sleep. Some of the main benefits of yoga include reducing stress, improving sleep, and reducing stress. It is therefore safe to say that without these negatives, one can have a good immune system.

Now you know some of the hidden benefits of yoga that you may not have known. These are some of the reasons why many people are now practicing yoga.

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